Personalized service is our specialty! We will do everything in our power to service your account efficiently and accurately. We can take care of your worker compensation reports and audits, in addition to other reports that are required of employers. Our office provides bookkeeping and income tax service for those of you interested in having all of your business records taken care of in one place.

Highlights of our Payroll services: 
  • Direct Deposit

  • Taxes Paid Electronically

  • Current and Year-to-Date Earnings Summaries

  • Detailed Report of Deposit Requirements

  • Vacation and Sick Leave Accruals Reporting

  • Garnishment Processing and Reporting

  • Earnings Register for Prepaid and Void Checks

  • Federal and State Quarterly Reports (form 941, DE9, etc)

  • Federal and State Annual Reports (Form 940, etc)

  • W-2 and 1099 Preparation

  • Check Register on Any Calendar/fiscal Basis

  • Workers Comp Reports

  • General Ledger Summary (for bookkeeping purposes)

  • Net-to-gross Computation (to gross up bonuses, etc)

Tidewater, Inc - Payroll