Read through the following list as a reminder of what is needed to complete your tax return. You may not have all of these items, but you will probably have several of them. If you are unsure about any of the items, give us a call at 574-223-4052 or shoot us an email.

1099’s – interest, dividends, retirement/pension, state refunds, unemployment, sale of                       securities, oil and gas interests, etc.
K-1’s – partnerships, S corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s, estates, trusts, etc. (if we do your                                   business returns, we will generate the K-1’s)
Social Security Statement (1099-SSA) – if you receive benefits
Closing Statements – all real estate deals for buying and selling, including refinancing (points                       may be deductible and property taxes are often paid at time of refinancing)
Estimated State and Federal Tax Payments – amount paid and dates
Social Security Numbers and Date of Birth - for all dependants
Basis of Securities Sold – you don’t want to pay gains on the total amount of a sale! Please                           provide the amount you paid for the investment, along with the purchase date.
Investment Account Statements – with enclosures (often there are little hidden deductions in                         those papers)
Mortgage Interest Statement
Real Estates Taxes – all real estate taxes are eligible for deduction
Mortgage Insurance Premiums – this was new in 2007
Personal Property Tax – car tax (see ownership tax and prior ownership tax on car                                         registration – most of you forget to bring this one to us!)
Charitable Contributions – check or credit card, as well as noncash items (Goodwill). Don’t                          forget volunteer work mileage and volunteer expenses! Please provide the purchase                          price for items you are donating.
Child Care Costs – amount, name and social security number or tax ID of provider, and the                           address.
Education Loan Interest – Sallie Mae student loans, Nelnet, etc.
529 Plan Contributions – may be eligible for state deductions
Tuition Payments – college, graduate school, post-high school education of any kind
Health Insurance Premiums – paid AFTER tax or if self-employed (or K-1 recipient)
Long Term Care Insurance Premiums – split out per person
Contributions/Withdrawals to/from Medical Savings Account, Health Savings Accounts,                                IRA’s, SEP’s, SIMPLE’s, KEOGH’s, 401K’s
Installment Sales – first year, we need all documentation; after that we need to know about the                       payments received
Moving Expenses – if job related
Medical Expenses – don’t overlook mileage, lodging, prescribed stop smoking programs,                                glasses, braces, prescribed weight loss programs, etc.
Family Changes – new spouse, new children, children who have flown the nest, etc.
New Address, Phone or Email – anything NEW
Copy of Prior Year’s Tax Return – for new clients only
Bank Account Information – to have your refund direct deposited

Tax Return Checklist for Businesses (Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s, Trusts, Estates, Gifts, Non-Profits, Foundations)

Financial Statements – or data backups
General Ledger and List of Journal Entries – if we don’t get a data backup
Bank Statements and Reconciliations – especially year end
Check Registers
Investment Account Statements
Aging Reports for Receivables and Payables
List of Assets Purchased/Sold/Disposed of During the Year – include bills of sale/purchase
Notes and Leases – amortization schedules, new note contracts
Payroll Reports – for year end
Any Changes in Ownership or Capital Structure – list of new shareholders/partners with equity                 contributions.
Partnership/LLC Operating Agreements
Fair Market Valuation for Gifts – as well as donor’s basis
For Non-Profits and Foundations – change in board members, change in mission, list of                           significant donor’s, description of activities for the year
Copy of Prior Year’s Tax Returns

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Click the pink rose icon to the left to view the BUSINESS checklist for documents needed to do your federal and state tax returns